We bring more than just capital; we bring differentiated domain knowledge.

How we pioneer companies of tomorrow.

We bring more than just capital; we bring differentiated domain knowledge.

How we pioneer companies of tomorrow.

Who we are.

At Innosphere Ventures Fund, our mission is to advance science and technology-based startup companies in the Mid-America Mountain Plains region. 

The health of the American economy is at the front of our mind and we are passionate about it. We believe that with the excessive concentration of venture capital that goes into the US coasts, our innovative companies in the Mountain Plains region go unnoticed. That’s where we come in. 

We identify promising startups and we go after it. We get involved early. Our job is to help build important, valuable companies. We believe that young firms play an integral part in the U.S. innovation potential and the opportunity to help our economy thrive. We want to align our funding with motivated entrepreneurs who have grit, determination and perseverance. We partner with doers not the dreamers. THAT is why we love what we do. 

Most importantly, we believe that success is based on trust. Trust is an integral part of any successful partnership and it goes both ways. 

We are competitive, not only in our need to build impactful companies but with the experienced General Partners that guide our young startups along the way. That means bringing the best of the best to the table to become a trusted ally to entrepreneurs.

At Innosphere Ventures, our General Partners understand the dark moments of raising money, they understand the emotional side of what building a business looks like because they have been there in your shoes. We understand that start-up companies speak to a lot of different groups, some very interested and excited about what you are bringing to the table, but lack the expertise and experience to take you to the next level. Our Partners know how to do that, because they did it for themselves. 

Have we mentioned our Limited Partners? Our Limited Partners are leading foundations, family offices, and notable individuals who are just as passionate about economic growth and the success of our funded companies as we are. They are here for the long haul. Innosphere Ventures Fund has a strong foundation built on its successful first fund and its leading accelerator program which has operated for over two decades. 

Listen, long story short, we invest in entrepreneurs that are building technology-that-matters in markets-that-matter. Did we pique your interest? Read more below on how we work and what matters to us here at Innosphere. 

How we invest.

We focus on enterprise B2B SaaS software, Cleantech, and Medtech at Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A. We seek opportunities for the Fund to exit following the Series A round through corporate acquisition or PE buyout and may stay in an opportunity through later phases of growth to exit.

Seed Investments

At Innosphere Ventures, we are there from the start. We are comfortable with companies that are a little “rough around the edges.” Continuing to grow a small company can be overwhelming and our team of experts can help ease that process. We understand that the list of possible costs of a young business can seem endless, that’s where we come in. There is no task too little for our team, even going as far as to help a founder secure their first employees. Today we have active seed-stage teams, building what we believe could be the next most defining companies in the game. 

Series A Investments

We don’t sit on the sidelines; we are active board directors for forward thinking companies with strong teams and profound ideas. Our job is to help organizations become long-lasting businesses.

How we work.

Innosphere Ventures is an emerging Fund and we are emerging Fund Managers with a first fund track record and successful Fund II launch. Our team is small, fully integrated, and impact oriented to produce successful results for the Founders and Limited Partners who back us. Our partnership structure and incentives are strongly aligned with our Limited Partners and the success of the companies in which we invest.

We bring more than just capital; we bring differentiated domain knowledge and access to our expert partners from across the globe. We do not take our partnerships lightly; we have searched high and low for the best of the best to assist with execution.

We have established partnerships with state-of-the-art companies to ensure world-class execution for each function of your business – product development, sales, marketing, customer success, user experience, finance, HR, etc. 

We connect entrepreneurs with experienced mentors to help scale your business. We have over 100 expert advisors ready to assist you, including current executives and our Scientific Advisory Committee to provide sage advice.

Our Values.

Pilot Innovation.

We are a fiercely competitive team, hungry bootstrappers with a deep seeded need to win. We are driven by the need to help build the pioneering companies of tomorrow. 

Build a Foundation. 

We believe being a good partner is always valuable, but not always easy. We push when we see potential. This means building and implementing teams that are accountable to each other and collaborative. This is not a one man show. Our highest priority? Being a trusted foundation for companies to work with. 

Be Tenacious.

We believe in the power of thinking outside the box. This means intellectual honesty and independent thinking to help reach smart decisions. We push. We poke. We want our entrepreneurs to build substantial companies and as a team, we are here to help make those hard decisions along the way.  

Show Up. Everyday. 

Reputation is important. Integrity is important. It is difficult to achieve and even easier to lose. Reputations are earned, they are not a given. This means showing up to represent yourself every day, even through troubled times. 

If you share our values and perspective on partnership, we’d love to connect.

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