Funded in Colorado: Interview with MedTech company, GelSana

Funded in Colorado episode with founder & CEO of GelSana Therapeutics, Melissa Krebs, PhD

In this “Funded in Colorado” episode, Innosphere’s CEO Mike Freeman sits down with Melissa Krebs, PhD, founder and CEO of GelSana Therapeutics, a Colorado-based MedTech company that is developing novel hydrogels that heal wounds faster and with less inflammation, to talk about her recent experience in raising pre-seed capital for her University-based company.

GelSana is an Innosphere Fund portfolio company. In late 2020, GelSana received a pre-seed investment from Innosphere Ventures to help accelerate their product development plan. GelSana’s hydrogel systems offer unique wound healing properties that accelerate wound closure, generate strong epidermal layers post healing, and enable controlled delivery of therapeutics.

This pre-seed investment into GelSana was the first time Innosphere Ventures had invested in a technology being developed at Colorado School of Mines.

“Professor Krebs is an exceptional CEO and the kind of technical founder you want to invest in.”
– Mike Freeman, Innosphere Ventures CEO and general partner who led the investment into GelSana

Innosphere Ventures’ “Funded in Colorado” series showcases success stories of companies that recently closed a funding round or just completed a successful acquisition. In these 15 minute interviews, founders share lessons learned on attracting and raising capital, provide advice to other entrepreneurs, and explain what worked (and what didn’t!) in hopes of helping more companies close financing rounds.

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