Fort Collins, CO Innosphere Ventures Fund is proud to announce its recent investment in Nickelytics, a leader in driving measurable ROI through integrated out-of-home (OOH) and digital advertising solutions. This strategic partnership aims to accelerate Nickelytics’ growth and further enhance its innovative advertising platforms.

Nickelytics is at the forefront of OOH advertising, offering brands and agencies impactful advertising solutions through car wraps, sidewalk robots, and other cutting-edge OOH products. By partnering with mobility brands, Nickelytics connects them to new revenue streams via these unique advertising channels, delivering powerful ad creatives and measurable ROI.

“Securing investment from Innosphere Ventures is a pivotal moment for Nickelytics. We are thrilled to collaborate with such an experienced and successful operator and investor, John Smith, and his team. Their expertise and strategic insight will be instrumental in helping us scale and better serve our customers,” said Judah Longgrear, CEO and co-founder of Nickelytics.

“Nickelytics represents a unique and innovative approach to out-of-home advertising, effectively bridging the gap between physical and digital marketing. We are excited to support Nickelytics in their mission to revolutionize the advertising landscape. Their commitment to delivering measurable ROI and innovative solutions aligns perfectly with our investment philosophy. We look forward to working closely with Judah and his team to drive growth and success,” said John Smith, General Partner at Innosphere Ventures.

To learn more about Nickelytics services, please visit

About Innosphere Ventures Fund:

Innosphere Ventures Fund is a venture capital fund leading early-stage investments for companies who are driving innovation in the B2B SaaS Software, Cleantech and Medtech sectors. The Fund’s general partners have extensive operator knowledge and industry experience. Our team is small, fully integrated, and impact-oriented to produce successful results. We bring more than just capital; we bring differentiated domain knowledge and access to our expert partners from across the globe. Innosphere Ventures Fund has a strong foundation built on its successful first fund and its leading accelerator program which has operated for over two decades.


About Nickelytics:

Nickelytics is a venture-backed startup offering a platform that makes launching hyper-local Out-Of-Home advertising as simple, scalable, and measurable as online ads. For more information, visit