Heads Up Health Extends Seed Round to $2.25M Led by Innosphere Ventures

Fort Collins, CO Innosphere Ventures’ seed-stage venture capital fund has announced its second investment into Heads Up Health (Heads Up) which gives Heads Up the ability to close out their seed round at $2.25 million. Heads Up will use the Innosphere Ventures investment capital to accelerate their enterprise-level capabilities, grow their feature set in health data analytics and scale into the rapidly growing opportunity in remote patient monitoring.

Heads Up is engineering a new approach to personal health by integrating clinical, lifestyle, nutritional and self-collected data with personalized analytics and insights. The company aims to improve individual outcomes while reducing costs on healthcare systems worldwide by providing efficient ways for individuals to self-monitor their health at home and share data with doctors and care team members remotely.

Innosphere Ventures’ first investment in Heads Up’s seed round was made in late 2020. “We continue to be excited about the accelerated growth of the digital health analytics transformation and the rapid adoption of the Heads Up platform by patients and practitioners,” said John Smith, Innosphere Ventures General Partner who led the investment into Heads Up with the Fund’s General Partners and has since joined Heads Up’s Board of Directors. “Our Fund is very excited to partner with the Heads Up team to be a guide on their journey.”

“Not only does Innosphere share our vision of how the Heads Up platform plays a major role in new care delivery models, but they bring an operator’s perspective and the network to help us build the best health platform for individuals and healthcare professionals to better optimize health,” said Dave Korsunsky, founder and CEO of Heads Up. “The investment from Innosphere Ventures positions us to lead the digital health analytics transformation and implement precision medicine with our world-class tools for patients and practitioners.”

A favorable market opportunity has been created due to recent regulatory changes in tele-medicine, new insurance reimbursement models for remote monitoring, and an exploding ecosystem of consumer-centric health sensors and wearables.

Heads Up is rapidly scaling their platform to address this new opportunity and adding customers across a range of healthcare verticals, including chronic care management, health optimization, longevity and lifestyle medicine.

The Heads Up platform provides a powerful toolset for both patients and providers by combining analytics with tools for patient engagement and remote monitoring. It’s fully HIPPA-compliant and integrates with cutting edge digital health devices such as Dexcom, Apple Watch, Oura ring, Withings, Garmin, and others. It also integrates with lab test results (Quest Diagnostics, Everlywell, Labcorp), and other third party health data sources.

To date, the company’s health analytics platform has been implemented by over 40,000 individual users in over 60 countries.

For moe information on Innosphere Ventures and this investment, contact John Smith, General Partner of Innosphere Ventures Fund, at [email protected].

About Innosphere Ventures Fund:

Innosphere Ventures Fund is a seed-stage venture capital fund that leads seed-stage investment rounds in companies who are driving innovation in the B2B SaaS, Cleantech and MedTech sectors.

Innosphere’s non-profit incubator program has a strong mission to grow the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem by supporting the success of science and technology companies with an exclusive commercialization program for high-tech startups, specialized laboratory facilities, and a seed stage venture capital fund. https://innosphereventures.org/

About Heads Up Health:

Heads Up Health is a seed-stage technology company based in Scottsdale, AZ. The company is engineering an entirely new approach to personalized health by integrating clinical, lifestyle, nutritional, and self-collected data with personalized analytics and insights. https://headsuphealth.com/